Victorian Property and Parklands

Large period country house re-design


The Brief

To create a sophisticated, elegant and eclectic family home. Our discerning client wanted to refresh and re-design their home with the intention of creating a unique interior that would stand the test of time.  It was important with this project to keep the authenticity of the property whilst reflecting the personalities of each family member.   


We collaborated closely with the family over the course of an 18 month period in order to create this very special home.  Room schemes were designed independently but with an over-arching theme to allow cohesiveness and unity throughout.  The finishes, furniture pieces and artwork were carefully curated and added to items that were already owned by the family.  The result has culminated in spaces that are not only interesting and beautiful to look at, but are also practical in both function and form in order to allow practical day to day family living. 


Interior design kitchen yellow blue
Interior design kitchen island
Interior design sun room leather sofa
Interior design mirror wall
Interior design fireplace mirror light feature
Interior design shelf decor armchair
Interior design art
Interior design lamp blue sofa wall radiator
Interior design bathroom green houseplant
Interior design fireplace prints houseplant

Alexandra Wilson

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