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How to create your perfect bedroom

Creating a relaxing space for you to unwind, recuperate and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep is paramount.  We all want a room that not only looks fabulous, is comfortable and provides a tranquil haven in which to escape the cares of the day; it nevertheless needs to provide efficient and practical storage solutions.  Here are my top tips and pointers that will help you achieve such a space.

Things to consider when designing your bedroom

Natural light and colour

How does the light hit your windows in the morning?  Do you want the sun to stream in or would you prefer it to filter through your curtains for those extra few minutes of sleep?  My bedroom has Dorma windows, and so I am limited to having blinds that sit within the recess, but I often dress my

clients’ windows with roman blinds, which are then framed with floor length curtains in complementary patterns and textures.  This attention to detail helps to create a luxurious and expensive looking room. Consider fitting dimmable spotlights into the ceiling. They will provide a flexible lighting solution, which will not only provide an excellent source of light when required but create a more ambient atmosphere when the need arises.  Bedside lamps are, of course, a must.  Select ones that suit the size and height of your tables.

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Give some thought to the colour palette for your bedroom and consider choosing colours that will aid sleep and relaxation. Neutral calming taupes, off-whites or dove grey tones are fool-proof choices to create spaces that provide harmony without being too dramatic.Layering variations of these tones through the use of wall paint, wallpaper, bedding and accessories will generate interest and synergy within the scheme.

Electrical Points

Although often overlooked at the planning stage, take the time to consider your switch and socket points – you won’t regret it. 

Plan where you will plug your bedside lamps in or where you might benefit from having a USB power point.  Think about where hairdryers and any other appliances will be used and whilst it’s good to hide sockets out of sight, make sure that they are easy to access without having to pull furniture out to do so.

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Think about whether it would be better to have a built-in wardrobe/drawers solution or whether individual pieces of furniture would be better. Bedside tables will add character and provide storage for all of those essential items, books and your alarm clock etc.

Layout and Furniture

One of the most critical aspects of the design will be to decide on the ideal arrangement of your room. The size, scale and positioning of your furniture and bed are worth thinking through before any purchase is made. Remember also that efficient and effective storage will be essential and careful thought needs to be given to the balancing the need to store clothing and possessions and making the space feel cluttered or cramped. 

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