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Extend your living space to the outside



Turn your garden into a fully functioning living space

Whilst I normally write about interior design – the gorgeous weather we have been experiencing has turned my attention to the garden or outdoor space. Don’t worry, this is not a piece on garden design (my expertise in matters horticultural is somewhat limited) but rather, how we can extend our living space to the outside so that

we incorporate the garden or outdoor space and turn it into a fully functioning living area that helps us make the best of the not just the summer, but all seasons.

Here are just a few of my favourite pieces that you could use to enhance your enjoyment of bringing the inside outside! There is a huge choice of

garden furniture available, which will suit all budgets and tastes.  However, rather than think of the outdoor space as a separate entity, think of it as just another room and then plan and design with this in mind.  If your design reflects and complements your existing interior scheme, it will help create a space that is harmonised. For example, if

you live in an old country cottage – creating an edgy, artistic garden design filled with eclectic outdoor furniture might jar the senses and feel

incongruous with its surroundings. Whereas a design of rustic simplicity, would help create a space much more in keeping with the overall feel of the place. If you are lucky enough to have a covered area or indeed a garden room you can really go to town with styling in the same way as you would a room within your house.  Use colourful textured outdoor rugs and cushions and even dress areas with ceramic pots and other interesting artefacts.

How to extend your living space to the outside

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One of the most innovative ideas in recent years is the development of outdoor weather pods, if your space and budget allows – they are

amazing and extremely versatile in their use. They provide the most beautiful little space for dining, with some designs being capable of seating up to 10 people. 

Making the most of your outside space

Image from Cuckooland

Again dependant upon your budget, they can be fitted out in striking leather upholstery and beautifully crafted round tables. Most if not all can be turned to face the direction you desire, so that you can take advantage of a particular view or make the most of

the sun or shade. 

Further, most come with heaters so you can enjoy using it all year round. In short, they allow outside dining in all weathers and in some comfort.

When the sun is dipping and on cooler nights I am also a fan of fire pits. Their popularity has in recent years led to greater innovation, design and choice. I love the simplicity and practicality of gas fuelled fire pits, they have all the benefits of having a fire without having to deal with the hassle of a real one!  

There is a multitude of ways of personalising your outdoor space and when planned and styled effectively you will be surprised as to what can be achieved.  Lighting is key here, it is a great way to really bring a sense of peace and serenity and add atmosphere to your space.  Use specially made outdoor lanterns, fairy lights and solar powered ground and wall lights to create a beautiful setting to enjoy alone and with friends and family.

Making the most of your garden

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How to make the most of your garden

Image from Cuckooland

I also love the use of outside mirrors and clocks; they can be stunning to look at and are a great idea when you want to make a statement.  Whatever you choose to create, have fun with layering textures, colours and fun accessories – have a wonderful summer!

How to accessorise your garden

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Accessorising your garden

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